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I guarantee that the coins and the other items offered in my lists are genuine. Grading is made to my best knowledge on a long experience. If you are not satisfied with the coins or notes, you are allowed to send them back within 2 weeks after receipt of them and I will refund your payment in full.

I guarantee that the pictures you see are the pictures of the items you get and you will receive. I make a picture of every coin or note (regardless of the price) and I don’t use archive pictures.


Brilliant Uncirculated (BU): there will be no visible signs of wear or handling, even under a x30- power microscope. Full mint luster will be present. Ideally no bags marks will be evident.

Uncirculated (UNC): there will be no visible signs of wear or handling, even under a x30-power microscope. Bag marks may be present.

Almost Uncirculated (AU): all detail will be visible. There will be wear only on the highest point of the coin. There will often be half or more of the original mint luster present.

Extremely Fine (XF): there will be about 95% of the original detail visible. Or, on a coin with a design with no inner detail to wear down, there will be a light wear over nearly all the coin. If a small design is used as the grading area, about 90% of the original detail will be visible. This latter rule stems from the logic that a smaller amount of detail needs to be present because a small area is being used to grade the whole coin.

Very Fine (VF): the coin will have about 75% of the original detail visible. Or, on a coin with no inner detail, there will be moderate wear over the entire coin. Corners of letters and numbers may be weak. A small grading area will have about 66% of the original detail.

Fine (F): there will be about 50% of the original detail visible. Or, on a coin with no inner detail, there will be fairly heavy wear over all of the coin. Sides of letters will be weak. A typically uncleaned coin will often appear as dirty or dull. A small grading area will have just under 50% of the original detail.

Very Good (VG): there will be about 25% of the original detail visible. There will be heavy wear on all of the coin.

Good (G): the coin's design will be clearly outlined but with substantial wear. Some of the larger detail may be visible. The rim may have a few weak spots of wear.

About Good (AG): there will typically be only a silhouette of a large design. The rim will be worn down into the letters if any.


Uncirculated (UNC): a perfectly preserved note, never mishandled by the issuing authority, a bank teller, the public or a collector. Paper is clean and firm, without discoloration. Corners are sharp and square without any evidence of rounding.

About Uncirculated (AU): a virtually perfect note, with some minor handling. May show very slight evidence of bank counting folds at a corner or one light fold through the centre, but not both. An AU note cannot be creased, a crease being a hard fold, which has usually “broken” the surface of the note. Paper is clean and bright with original sheen. Corners are not rounded.

Extremely Fine (XF): a very attractive note, with light handling. May have a maximum of three light folds or one strong crease. Paper is clean and firm, without discoloration. Corners are sharp and square without any evidence of rounding.

Very Fine (VF): an attractive note, but with more evidence of handling and wear. May have several folds both vertically and horizontally. Paper may have minimal dirt, or possible colour smudging. Paper itself is still relatively crisp and not floppy. There are no tears into the border area, although the edges do show slight wear. Corners also show wear but not full rounding.

Fine (F): a note that shows considerable circulation, with many folds, creases and wrinkling. Paper is not excessively dirty but may have some softness. Edges may show much handling, with minor tears in the border area. Tears may not extend into the design. There will be no centre hole because of excessive folding. Colours are clear but not very bright. A staple hole or two would not be considered unusual wear in a Fine note. Overall appearance is still on the desirable side.

Very Good (VG): a well-used note, abused but still intact. Corners may have much wear and rounding, tiny nicks, tears may extend into the design, some discoloration may be present, staining may have occurred, and a small hole may sometimes be seen at centre from excessive folding. Staple and pinholes are usually present, and the note itself is quite limp but no pieces of the note can be missing. A note in VG condition may still have an overall not unattractive appearance.

Good (G): a well-worn and heavily used note. Normal damage from prolonged circulation will include strong multiple folds and creases, stains, pinholes and/or staple holes, dirt, discoloration, edge tears, centre hole, rounded corners and an overall unattractive appearance. No large pieces of the note may be missing. Graffiti is commonly seen on notes in G condition.

Fair (FA): a totally limp, dirty and very well used note. Larger pieces may be half torn off or missing besides the defects mentioned under the Good category. Tears will be larger, obscured portions of the note will be bigger.

Poor (P): a note with severe damage because of wear, staining, pieces missing, graffiti, larger holes. May have tape-holding pieces of the note together. Trimming may have taken place to remove rough edges. A Poor note is desirable only as a “filler” or when such a note is the only one known of that particular issue.


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